House Hold Employee Health Checkup

Complete Hemogram


Urine R/M

X-Ray Chest

Physician Consultation


Important Guidelines for Prevention Health Check

All Health Checkups are conducted by prior appointment only. To serve you better kindly call and take an appointment between 8:30am to 9:00pm on our landline/mobile 0512-3081818, 3081950 and 8948360888.

On the day of appointment kindly bring all your medical record and reports.

Minimum of 12 hrs fasting is essential prior to the check up. Avoid alcohol 48hrs prior to your check up.

You are allowed to drink plain water. Other regular medicines should be taken as prescribed.

Please do not apply cream, oil or powder on your chest when you came for your check up.

Do not skip your Blood pressure medicines on the day of check up.

Get your first morning urine and stool samples in the plastic containers that have been provided to you.

Please collect the urine sample after discarding the stream in the first few and last few seconds.

Wear loose clothing, no jewelry (neckles/chains) and easily removable footwear.

Please be prepared to spend 4-5 hours on the day of check up.

For Diabetics

Please inform about your diabetes while taking appointment.

Carry all the regular and anti diabetic medicines along.

PP Sample will be taken in 2hrs after meals.

Special note for Females

For Females, during menstruation (menses) PAP SMEAR will not be done.

X-Ray for pregnant ladies shall not be conducted.

Special note for Males

The men are requested to shave their chest for better recording of TMT (Tread Mill Test).

TMT will not be done in case of old age, arthritis and hypertension.